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Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) - Language and Literacy (60 Credits)


The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a professional degree which is normally intended for practitioners in the field of education. This degree will be awarded to persons who, having satisfactorily completed the programme of study prescribed by these regulations, have satisfied the examiners as set out under the 60 credit programme (Levels II and III only). All students are required to take nine (9) credits in Foundation courses, except where exempted by the University.


Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the programme, an applicant must have satisfied:

  1. the matriculation requirements of the University;
  2. be a trained teacher; that is, must have successfully completed an approved programme of training for certification as a teacher in his/her country
  3. Possess a level of professional experience as a teacher that is deemed satisfactory by the School.
  4. (d)Students holding a UWI Certificate in Education or an equivalent certificate in Education from an approved university at an acceptable standard, may be exempted from the entrance examination.


Duration of Programme

The programme will be offered over 3 years (full-time) and 5 years (part-time).



Course of Study

Level 1
Introduction to Research Methods in Education
This course is focused mainly on qualitative aspects of educational investigation. Students will be introduced to the following: the difference between quantitative and qualitative methods; the summarizing of the main fndings of research reports and articles; the defnition of a research problem and the proposal of a suitable design for dealing with it; the application of research techniques appropriate to educational problems; the factors likely to affect the validity and quality of research studies; the construction of suitable data-gathering instruments; data collection procedures; the analysis of data obtained; and how to present the fndings in a written report.
Credits: 3
Reading and Writing Strategies for Academic Purposes
Credits: 3
Principles of Educational Psychology
Credits: 3
Testing Measurement and Evaluation
Credits: 3
Introduction to Curriculum Theory and Planning
Credits: 3
Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
Credits: 3
Introduction to Morphology and Syntax
Credits: 3
Level 2
Media and Technology in Education
Credits: 3
The Social Context of Education
Credits: 3
Basic Data Analysis With Computers
Credits: 3
The Structure and Nature of Language Arts
Credits: 3
Language Learning and Teaching
Credits: 3
Curriculum and Instructional Issues in Literacy
Credits: 3
Level 3
Selected Pedagogical Issues In Language Arts
Credits: 3