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School of Science Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Curtis Charles
Head of the School of Science Computing & Artificial Intelligence

On behalf of Principal Williams, our students, faculty, and staff, I welcome to the School of Science, Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Consider for a moment, that as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, The UWI Five Islands Campus’ digital learners are facing a global workforce where only 33% of the world’s demand for employees with technology skills is being met; and the percentage of jobs requiring technology skills will increase to 77% in less than a decade, and where, 65% of students currently in primary school will perform jobs that have not been invented yet. In addition, 47% of any predictable or near predictable jobs are expected to be taken over by machines during the next two decades. To add, co-bots are disrupting China’s manufacturing industry, and AI algorithmic platforms are tearing through the financial markets. According to PwC’s study on the Workforce of the future: The competing forces shaping 2030, “How humans respond to the challenges and opportunities which the megatrends bring will determine the worlds in which the future of work plays out.”

Curtis Charles, PhD., MSPA., SMArchS., B.Arch.

Director of Academic Affairs



SoSCAI Programme Offerings 2022-2023

Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Computer Science
Information Technology
Computer Science and Management
Data Science, Innovation Management and Computer Science