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MPhil and PhD Economics

About the Programme

The MPhil and PhD Economics programmes are research-focused degrees involving independent study under supervisor guidance, culminating in a thesis. The key distinction between the two lies in the PhD thesis's requirement for original research that contributes to knowledge and is worthy of publication in a refereed journal. Both degrees mandate coursework completion, seminar presentations, and a thesis submission. The MPhil requires a minimum of six credits of coursework and two seminar presentations, while the PhD demands nine credits and three presentations. Coursework is typically completed in the first year, with students and supervisors jointly determining appropriate courses. Students are provided with diverse opportunities to explore various economic fields and contribute to academic discourse.

Benefits for Individuals and Organizations): For individuals, the MPhil and PhD Economics programmes offer significant personal and professional growth opportunities. Students develop advanced research skills, critical thinking abilities, and expertise in their chosen economic specialization. The programmes foster independent research capabilities, preparing graduates for high-level careers in academia, policy-making, and economic analysis. The requirement to present seminars enhances communication skills, crucial for disseminating complex economic ideas.

Organizations benefit from employing graduates with cutting-edge knowledge in economics and proven research abilities. These programmes produce professionals capable of conducting original research, analyzing complex economic issues, and contributing to evidence-based decision-making. Graduates are well-equipped to take on roles such as Research Analysts, Economists, and Fund Analysts, bringing valuable skills to both public and private sector organizations. The research conducted during these programmes can also directly benefit organizations, potentially leading to innovative solutions for real-world economic challenges


Entry Requirements


Bachelor's degree or equivalent with at least Upper Second Class Honours

Relevant work experience may be considered


Direct entry: Appropriate postgraduate qualification and relevant work experience

Transition from MPhil possible upon demonstration of appropriate progress

Short research proposal required upon application

Accepted students must complete 3 courses totalling 9 credits, including SALISES and other UWI courses approved by their supervisor

Duration of Programme

Full Time 3 years/5 years

Part-Time: 5 years/7 years

Programme Structure


MPhil: Minimum 6 credits

PhD: Minimum 9 credits

Seminar Presentations:

MPhil: 2 seminars

PhD: 3 seminars

Thesis submission and defense

Coursework to be completed in the first year

Courses selected in consultation with the supervisor

Award Type

Course of Study