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Dr. Letitia Addison

Letetia Addison
Adjunct Lecturer
School of Science Computing and Artificial Intelligence

    Dr. Letetia Addison holds a Ph.D. Mathematics, M.Phil. Statistics and B.Sc Mathematics (Double Major, First Class Honours) from the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus. She is currently a Project Officer involved in Statistical Consulting at the University Office of Planning at the UWI, St. Augustine Campus. Dr. Addison is also an Adjunct Lecturer at various UWI campuses, with over 10 years’ experience lecturing tertiary level courses in Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, as well as active involvement in statistical consulting, research and outreach. Dr. Addison has served as the Coordinator of the Mathematics Help Centre at the UWI, St. Augustine Campus, assisting students in any Faculty with difficulties in quantitative courses. In addition to this, she builds data-driven models for Higher Education data. Her research interests include multidisciplinary applications of mathematical and statistical models for sustainability in STEAM fields and has produced a number of research publications.

    Dr. Addison has worked on a number of interdisciplinary projects including applications of predictive modelling in education and climate change. She is responsible for the One UWI Model Prototypes for Student Retention and Tuition Cost, which have been well-received by various University administrators and campus planning teams. Dr. Addison was also part of a cross campus team with the UWI, Five Islands and St. Augustine Campuses, achieving first place in the Growth & Resilience Dialogue (GRD) 2022 Climate Resilience Data Challenge, involving the development of AI application prototypes on key climate data issues in the OECS region. In 2023, she is working with her team, including Dr. Curtis Charles (Director of Academic Affairs (UWI FIC) and Mr. Kevan Rajaram (UWI, STA PhD Student) to provide more data-driven solutions for the region through collaborations with the ECCB and CIMH.

    She is also the Deputy Chair, Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (DRRC) Advisory Board and has Professional Affiliations with the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), American Statistical Association (ASA) and Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Dr. Addison is the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador for the global Datathon 2023 Challenge themed: Adapting to Climate Change by Improving Extreme Weather Forecasts. Dr. Addison and her team have hosted a number of independent events ( as part of the annual WiDS Worldwide conference by Stanford University, featuring outstanding women in the field of Data Science. She enjoys lecturing, mentoring and outreach to promote the importance of Mathematics and Statistics in various fields.

    Dr. Addison has a variety of multidisciplinary research interests. These include creation of sustainable models using applications of mathematics and statistics in the following areas:

    • Building Data-Driven models for Policy insights in Education: including Student Retention, Tuition Cost and Student Satisfaction, Climate Change: including Machine Learning models for Natural Disaster Risk Prediction,
    • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in STEAM Education,
    • Applied Mathematical Models using Prey-Predator and Epidemic Models

    See her Google Scholar Profile for a full list of updated publications:

    • Natural Disaster Risk Prediction Project in collaboration with the UWI FIC, UWI STA, ECCB and CIMH
    • ‘Lead with Data Campaign’ aligned with the UWI Strategic Plan: Revenue Revolution. ‘One UWI Business Intelligence’ and ‘One UWI Model Prototypes’ give data-driven insights about Core Institutional Metrics, Tuition Price and Student Retention.
    • Improving Building Energy Consumption Methods using Machine Learning
    • Disaster Risk Prediction Strategies using Machine Learning in the Global South